Dream it

We all dream about a better life. 
Wouldn’t it be great to own a new house? A beautiful condo? How about buying high-end products like luxurious vacations or exceptional cars at a fraction of the cost?

Well, you can make those dreams a reality with DIBILI’s Live EVENTS!

Bid it

DIBILI takes entertainment shopping to a new level, where online EVENTS are as exciting as game shows! And, it’s really easy to get started.

To learn how it all works just watch the short video about Jack and his brand new condo!

Live it

Through DIBILI Live EVENTS, you can easily afford a new home, vacation, car or other high-end products.

Get started today and live the life you have imagined, with DIBILI!

Main Events

Our first sale includes several high priced items, especially a beautiful two bedrooms Condo package in Montreal valued at 300 000$, that you will be able to purchase for less than 300$, which is about 0.05% of its real price!

A limited amount of 3500 seats only will be available for the first MAIN EVENT. Once you become member and purchase a virtual seat, DIBZ, tokens used for the sale process, will be given with each seat.

Watch the video to see how sales are organized at DIBILI!